Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why You Need a Nikon D3100 This Holiday Season

With 14.2-megapixels, the D3100 is capable of resolutions greater than any non-professional photographer would likely need. Additionally, the bundled 18-55mm lens has built-in image stabilization and is a great starter lens for anyone just getting into DSLR photography.

The D3100 features a particularly competent automatic mode that will allow you to get your DSLR bearings. As you gain experience with the device, there are a slew of manual settings that will allow you to tweak your images to professional levels. Settings like ISO and white balance, for instance, are extensively adjustable.

It also includes a handful of smaller features that make it stand out in the category. The D3100 is capable of 1080p HDSLR video. Sure, even with its autofocus, it requires a tripod to roll video, but when you get it right, it’ll look amazing.

At its core, though, the only D3100 feature that really matters is the quality of pictures. And in that category, it performs on an exceptionally high level.

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